Switch Witchery

Well, I’m on the bpal forums and am currently participating in a Switch Witch round. This is a round robin in which one is given a name and secretly sends little (or big) somethings to one’s partner by a certain date. It’s quite a lot of fun!

Anyhoo, because of said SW round, I started updating my etsy wishlist a bit ago. Now, the trouble is, I’m hooked! Heavens, look at all those lovelies! I think part of the draw for me is that I love being able to give my money to small businesses. (Yes, I realize it’s a wishlist, and I’m not actually giving my money unless I purchase. But good grief, I can’t even begin to buy all the goodies I’ve found!) I think I shall keep the wishlist as a bit of something for hubby or other family members to look at, too. That way I shan’t feel so guilty about constantly adding to it. Lol!

In bpal news~ I’ve fallen hard for Bad Luck Woman Blues. What ever possessed me when I decided not to purchase this one? I’m not a fan of the aquatics usually. While I often love them, after a few minutes the back of my throat starts to hurt and it’s off the the swap pile with the little devils imps. This one, however, is gorgeous. And just my luck that it seems difficult to find. Well, we shall see. . .

I’m also quite taken by Love in the Asylum. It’s all of my favorite things. Unfortunately bpal rose tends to turn to a nondescript blech note after about 10-15 minutes on my skin. I’m holding onto the decant for the day I get my act together on the scent locket front. I suppose I might try it in my hair, but I hate to do that. Should I dislike it, I’ve got to go take a shower to get it out. 😦


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