Since finishing the Old Shale Smoke Ring, I’ve been working on my Irish Diamond Shawl. It was going quite well until this a.m. when I dropped three stitches. Bah!

I can usually pick up stitches fairly easily, but this is one of my first lace projects, and I’m having a difficult time getting those things back into line. I think I’m going to have to frog back a few rows. :sighs:

In other news, I’ve gotten our homeschooling (yes, we homeschool) curricula figured out for the year. And ordered, too! In fact some of it arrived yesterday. We’re so excited for this year! What arrived were three courses from The Teaching Company, and they look great. There’s a thick guide with each case (4 cases of dvds per course), which gives a detailed account of what’s covered, as well as supplementary readings, etc. They look fantastic! 🙂


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