First Sock!

My first sock is completed! Yay! What a milestone. 🙂 I’m well into the second of the pair also, currently at work on the heel flap. The pattern is the one from The Magic Loop booklet. It’s knit in worsted weight, so even the first was a fairly quick knit. I’m not the impressed by the directions actually, however with some trips about the net, I’ve found the things that helped me decipher some of the things that weren’t explained.

One thing I have learned from this experience is what a worsted weight knit feels like vs. my aborted pair of socks knit from Sockotta. I don’t really like socks that are very thin, so I think I may try a pair in a sport weight next, so I can get a feel for that weight also.

Incidently, I knit these for hubby. However I didn’t want to let him know and I just used pairs of his socks to measure the foot length. Bad idea, because they ended up just barely fitting. After a wash or two, who knows? I haven’t blocked them yet though, so we’ll see. They’re all wool though, so I’m betting on shrinkage. Guess my daughter will get them if that happens. I should mention that she won’t mind if it does. She tried the sock on and loves it!

Hubby quipped, “Guess we won’t need to buy socks now!” Umm, yeah. Lol!

My dream swatch has a bit more finished now, as well. It’s about 9-10 inches long, and I’m really happy with the way it looks.

On the homeschooling front – We’ve found a Latin teacher for Irish Dancer (dd)! She’ll be tutored along with another of her friends using Ecce Romani. The teacher will be supplementing Irish Dancer’s work with Wheelock’s.

We’ve started school this week and, for the most part, gotten off to a fairly good start. She’s a bit discouraged at times, I think, because this year her schedule is more full. There’s also the fact that we started on a week with a holiday, making the week busier. Still she loves the Biology, World History, Language Arts and Literature.


One response to “First Sock!

  1. Good for you for finishing the first sock and soldiering on with the second! They look great; I’ll bet you’re hooked for life now, aren’t you?

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