I’m alive; I’m alive!

Second try at this post. My computer just shut down for no reason. o.O I’d guess a virus, but the Green Goddess gets scanned weekly. So I doubt it. Computers are just really odd sometimes. I think it must be that whole ‘Ghost in the Machine’. And until that type of thing no longer happens (Is there a time when that might be so?), I guess there will always be people who run in fright at the idea of doing anything more than checking their email or using Yahell.


Today’s a very pretty day. Not a cloud in the sky, no one about, a cat or two trolling about the yard in search of an unwary squirrel for breakfast, birds singing.

Ok, so not really singing. Those are starlings, and what you can’t see are the remainder of the flock (probably another 50+ birds) at the base of that tree. They were barely visible in my neighbor’s yard, through the trees lining the creek, but boy could I hear them!

If you notice I said earlier, “a cat or two”. I wish I’d had the camera out last Wednesday! We knew there were quite a few strays in the area —heck, one of the local strays had kittens last spring. But last week we realized just how many there were in the neighborhood. There were eight —yes, count them. I said 8— cats in our back yard. It was incredible; they just kept coming out of the treeline and from across the creek. It was a Cat Convention! No wonder we haven’t seen any bunnies since the beginning of last summer. I fear we’ll have to trap and fix (or as our friend Ernie says, “break”) them. After all, who knows how many are female and I cringe at the thought of that many more kittens come spring.

Ok, so what have I been up to? The holidays, homeschooling, pre-college planning, knitting, trying to find another local co-op because ours is selling out to another store and no longer taking orders, knitting, buying exercise equipment (notice I said buying; it hasn’t been used yet), signing up for Netflix and watching old Dr. Who’s, learning to skydive (okay I’m just kidding on that one. Had to find another placeholder before I again said. . .) knitting.

Yes, still knitting. On the needles at the moment is the Irish Diamond Shawl by Cheryl Oberle. Absolutely gorgeous shawl and I’ve now had to frog it twice. In fact just yesterday when I frogged it and then reknit, I realized as I stopped knitting it for the day, that I’d dropped a stitch some 4 rows back. I think I’ll just drop the stitches between the markers and reknit that portion. :sigh: At least it’s pretty yarn —Knitpicks Palette in Garnet Heather— and is holding up well to the constant frogging.

Also on the needles is the Brompton Cardigan by Alice Bell of Slipped Stitch. Very smart cardigan: casual but still with that ‘pulled together’ kind of look. It’s a raglan and as such, has the incredibly elegant simplicity that raglan sleeve increases have.


The yarn is Plymouth’s Encore Worsted in Brown Heather. A very pretty, rustic brown with dark blue throughout. The basketweave collar doesn’t show up as well as in her yellow example, but I just don’t wear yellow that often. Plus I’m anticipating loving this sweater so much I want to wear it a lot. And brown goes with so much!

brownbrampton_02 Schach-Schal by Nicole Luck. Of course, since it’s for DH’s birthday (which is next Tuesday), and I still have to buy the yarn for that one, I’m headed to a yarn shop today. Cutting it a bit close, don’tcha think? And no. I don’t read or speak a lick of German. Someone from Ravelry (redhead71 – bless her pointy needles!) translated it for me! Ravelry = awesome.

And I’m seriously considering casting on the Thuja Inspired Fingerless Mitts, too. I know that seems like a lot of projects, but one has to be finished asap (and can only be worked on during the day). Another is miles of stockinette, and the third is miles of lace (which reminds me I need to figure out how to use lifelines before I go any further after fixing my dropped stitch).

Anyway, I’m off to do a few more things – figure out if the teeny yarn store I want to visit is open today, call AP services so that my darling daughter can actually take her AP Bio exam this year, etc.


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