Confusion all around

I was too busy reading other blogs (and Ravelry’s Random Sleep Outbursts thread) to blog this a.m., but here I am.

Apparently my camera can’t tell what I’m trying to photograph, so these next two images are oddly blurry just at the point I’m going to blog about. I just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s because, even though I was an art major, I did terribly in my photography classes. But hey, it can’t be me. You think it’s the pixies?

You know, we’ve had odd weather here in Virginia lately. Well, I suppose everyone on the east coast has had odd weather this winter. Some days have been in the 70s, others in the 20s. Everything’s a bit off. I’ve been seeing flocks of robins in my yard, and my poor rosebush is so confused!


However I did notice that the increase in rain as of late has given our rain chain a nice start on oxidation. My guy will be so happy. He wanted copper just to have it look old.


In knitting news, I’ve started the Thuja Inspired Fingerless Mitts. Cute pattern. I’m doubling a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Shadow colourway. By knitting from both the inside and outside of the cake, I’m matching up dark with light areas. That way I don’t have to worry about pooling (or so one would hope). So far, so good. I’m pretty happy with the way they’re turning out.



And I’m off. Back to watching for a 1969 Betty Crocker cookbook on ebay. Nope I’m not crazy, and I’m not a collector. I just want it for the waffles and other goodies! It’s the cookbook I grew up with, mine’s in sad shape, and I’d love to have a spare to pass on to my daughter when she’s a bit older.


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