Knitting Takes Over My World (Or at least my waking one)

I think I’m going a bit overboard with the new projects. Evidently when I have more than a certain amount of projects on the needles/planned-to-be-on-the-needles-asahp, I go a bit crazy. Last night I kept waking up thinking about new projects I could start. Geez! Talk about “cruisin’ for a bruisin'” as they used to say. (Have I just dated myself terribly by saying that. I swear it was something my parents said -not from my generation.)

It all started when we watched the new episode of House last night. About 1/3 of the way through the show Thirteen had on the cutest hat. Probably knit or maybe sewn from fleece, the camera work didn’t get quite close enough to tell. Either way, definitely knitable. (I’ve already spent time this morning hunting down a video to get some stills of that hat.) First I woke up several times thinking of how the hat might be knit. Then, what with the husband’s birthday coming and all —and me being late with The Ordering of the YarnTM—, I progressed to a loop of waking up thinking that I could knit him a pair of Broad Street Mittens to go with the birthday-but-too-late-sonowprobablyValentine’sDay gift.

Of course, something was wrong with this idea. (What? You were thinking I actually solved the problem in my sleep?) Only two kinds of ideas occur at night for me: the brilliant ones and the ones that are stupider than you can imagine. What happened? I evidently would never actually proceed to the end of the thought process when I surfaced from sleep, even though it kept coming back to haunt me at various intervals throughout the night. Yeah. I finally realized what the difficulty was when I got out of bed this morning. I seriously doubt he’s going to use the mitten part.

He’s really not overly fond of mittens. And then there’s the small (tiny. really. minuscule even.) fact that I mentioned this pattern to him last week while we were driving in the car. He spared me a glance, one of those ‘what would anyone want those for?’ looks. I do suppose that could be considered a clue. And come to think of it, he just received a pair of gloves that he adores for Christmas. Honestly, I think I just like them, so my subconscious was insisting he will, too.

Hmmm. So. Knit him a pair of the mittens sans mitt? I don’t know. . . I have to decide asap though, because I have a little less than a week right now, and I can’t knit while he’s home, of course. Nothing like a deadline, is there? I need to get my butt in gear.

Even the cat looks a bit disturbed by the conundrum this morning.

(our middle cat, actually my daughter’s, Kit)

And just to make your day a little bit brighter, I’ll direct you to a YouTube knitting video my friend linked this morning in her email to me:

Ramen Knitting


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