Tee dum, tee dee, A teedle ee do tee day

No. I have no idea why the Peter Pan song, Following the Leader, is stuck in my head. What? Don’t look at me like that. Haven’t you ever had an absurdly random song stuck in your head? Don’t knock it! At least it isn’t Barney or some such.


Yesterday was a gorgeous morning. Understand that I’m not usually up this early in the a.m., however I’ve been having more and more trouble sleeping over the past few years. Not insomnia per se, mostly just some nights I’m very restless. I think I might try some of BPAL‘s sleep blends. I’ve tried a few, but I’m seriously considering TKO and their Twilight Alchemy Lab‘s Nocturne.


So I was up early enough to see the sky lighten. Just look at the sun beginning to shine off the tops of the trees! I think I mentioned how weird the weather’s been this winter. My kale is coming back up.


I finished the first Thuja-Inspired Fingerless Mitt and am working on the second. I’d say that it’s a very quick knit, and maybe it is. But I’m thinking maybe I’m getting faster at knitting also.


After all, I feel like the Brompton Cardi is just flying off the needles, too.


And thankfully, my Knit Picks order is on the way. It contains the yarn I need to make husband’s scarf. Yay!


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