The Cable Guy Cometh

We’re scheduled to see the cable guy today. Again. We’ve had a brief bout with Verizon (huge mistake and they misled us about the services they had available in our area at the time), years with Cox (not always perfect, internet not nearly as good as they claimed, but at least their tv/internet worked.), and here at our new home we have Charter. Huge problem.

Seriously, I feel a bit like that yogurt commercial when I try to explain just how bad our experience has been with Charter. “Worse than hives on your bum experience”. No, “worse than day old cat breath experience”. “Worse than waking up to find your toddler has trimmed your hair while you slept experience”. Really. That bad.

This time, we still aren’t receiving a number of the tv channels we pay for, and each time they try to fix it, they break something else. Right now, in addition to the aforementioned difficulty, we can’t watch any of our On Demand. The channel looks like someone who walked into a door. All the info hiding behind a big white bandage of a box that says our cable box isn’t set up. Who knows by what divine intervention we’re able to watch the other channels?

On the topic of knitting, I’m still trying to decide if I can make a pair of men’s fingerless gloves by Tuesday evening. And, of course, let’s rule out any work on them this weekend, because the husband is in. I can do it; right? Sure. Yeah. Maybe if they don’t have fingers. Hmmmm.

I’m off to look for some quick knitting fingerless glove/mitts patterns on Ravelry.


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