And Just Where Were You Yesterday?

Points finger accusingly at all the knitters with local yarn stores nearby.

What? Me? Okay. I was buying yarn. I mean really; how can you resist a day when almost every LYS is having a sale?

I went to two stores. They’re actually only several blocks apart and carry almost totally different things. Yay! I love that! One is all Plymouth/Tofutsies/Encore/Brown Sheep. The other has a local spinner/some other small spinners/Ella Rae/Misti. Of course, there’s some crossover, but it’s pretty great to be able to get such a wide variety between the two. And both have nice workers. Definitely a huge plus.

Oh, my haul. You want to see that; yes?


From Left Top to Right Bottom:
Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in Crayon
Two Skeins of Wildfoote in Pine
Two Hanks worth of Plymouth Outback Wool (photo color’s not right; it’s actually a maroon to yellow mix)
Trekking XXL in blue
Sandes Garn’s Scala in White
The Fiber Trends’s Clogs (adult) pattern
Lavender Eucalan
An 06 Vogue Knitting (for $1.50!)
the new Knitscene
Pair of Addi Turbo Lace 32″ size 1
Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille

This morning I realized that the Plymouth Outback Wool, which I bought to make the Fiber Trends Clogs and which I got for 1/2 off, is perfect for the Fire (Feb-Mar) part of Project Spectrum 2008! A slightly better pic, but still doesn’t do it justice. It’s very fiery in color, darker and redder than this came out.


The yarn for the husband’s scarf should be here fairly soon. Yes, I’m chomping at the bit. Don’t have much time, so I’m really needing it quickly.

On Ravelry. I’m looking for some of the Knit Picks Palette colors (Marine Heather, Tidepool Heather, Golden Heather, Clematis, and Brindle Heather) to do some colorwork. I don’t need even whole skeins, so if you’ve any to spare let me know. I’ve got some of the Palette in Garnet Heather to swap.


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