Is Catnip Addictive?

I’m just wondering because the cat’s have been so difficult when the daughter’s been working at her schoolwork lately that she’s taken to dusting a bit of catnip on the floor sometimes. Not rewarding them of course, but in between the times when they’re getting into trouble chewing her paper clips, laying on her text, or standing in front of her while she’s doing her online work. Evidently the youngest is so happy to see the catnip baggie coming out that his tail begins to quiver.

In other news, my house smells seriously gorgeous this morning. Now, to understand how my entire house can smell this way, you’d have to see said house in which the downstairs (living room, dining room and kitchen) is an open floor plan. Anyway, today is the husband’s birthday, and I’m making. . . The Cake. Nothing in the world smells quite as good as a butter cake when it’s fresh from the over. Except fresh bread, I guess. But still. My house smells like a butter cake. Made with two fresh vanilla beans. And butter. A whole pound of butter.



This is the Amaretto Simple Syrup:


Each cake layer gets split, brushed with the simple syrup, then layered with apricot jam and almond buttercream. The finished cake is “iced” with an almond meringue.

If you ate this more than once or twice a year, you might die of clogged arteries in the first year. And it tastes like heaven.

On the knitting front, still no yarn package here. I know Knit Picks sent it pretty quickly, so it shouldn’t be long. I hope. I wouldn’t sweat it so much, but I have to work the scarf using Intarsia and brioche stitch. Neither of these I’ve actually used before. What? I can do it, and in a week, too. Yes; I can! Eeek!

Also, no pic for this one, but I’m ready to start the waist shaping on the Brompton Cardigan. I have to say I love this pattern. Very cute. Super quick and easy!

Anyway, please excuse me. I have to go make that buttercream. And wait for the postman.


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