Hank? Hank?

Today’s a short post, because you guessed it. The yarn has arrived! I’ve got a week to get that scarf finished, so I’m off to the races I guess you’d say. Speaking of yarn, this arrived in hanks, and I’d seriously love to know why anyone sells yarn this way. I guess I can understand an indie designers wish to show variegated yarns to their best advantage. However hanks are seriously a pain to deal with.

I can get them wound into cakes at a yarn shop (if I buy it there), but otherwise I have to do it myself. And I don’t yet have a swift, so I make do. Yes, I know. I need to get a swift. But honestly, if there’s a very good reason that yarn should be sold in hanks rather than in center pull balls or even non-center pull balls —and there probably is—, I’d love to hear it. Maybe I’ll post this question on Ravelry

I may have found the buttons for the Brompton Cardi today on Knitting on Impulse. Well, ok. Not on her blog, but a link she posted to Camilla Valley Farm’s buttons.

No photographs from today, however in keeping with Project Spectrum’s fire theme, let me leave you with these photos from the other evening.





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