World’s Fastest Knitter/Please Avoid the Eyes

Did anyone else see this article this a.m.? ‘Fastest knitter’ defending title Very cool.

Then reading this article in the Berkeley Daily Planet made me think of John Henry. Can you just imagine a purl off held one hundred years ago between a very fast knitter(s?) and one of them thar new-fangled knitting machines?

Ok, weirdness a la Crazy Aunt Purl. I bought a new curling iron. Mine died aeons ago, and while I’m trying to decide whether to keep my hair short or spend a good few weeks having bad hair days, I should probably have the iron to help make managing my hair less painless. Anyway, what is this?


I showed this to the husband and the daughter, and they both agree. Very odd. I mean who’s going to poke themself in the eye with a curling iron? And even, should you be stupid enough to think you might be able to curl your lashes with such an appliance, would you really be dumb enough to try it with one that has a two inch barrel?

Well, maybe some would. I’m just sayin’. Weird.

Knitting. Yes, I know I said I was making him a scarf. And I really was. However I just can’t get it to look like I want it to, and I’ve frogged it now three (yes, 3!) times. So meh. The new project for him? The Men’s Fingerless Gloves from KnitList. I’m personalizing them by adding a rook to the back of each hand. Not bad looking, actually. I think he’ll love them (he’s a chess nut).


Also, I’m getting somewhere on the Brompton Cardigan. Finished the main part of the body, and I’m about to start the button bands. Yay!

This is such a cute sweater, and not too bad in terms of stockinette boredom. I was just hitting the “Oh no! Not another round of stockinette. Ooooh, look! I get to increase this row” when I reached the end of the body.


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