Saturday Saga

We’re off to see Spiderwick Chronicles today. At least I think we are. We’ll see if dd actually wants to see it.

In knitting news. Cass Knits! is having a book contest on her blog. It’s for Twinkle’s Weekend Knits. Gosh, I’d love to win! I’m such a new knitter that my knitting book stash (notice how careful I am to qualify that as ‘knitting’; my other book stash is, well, large) is only six books so far. And I really like the look of the projects in her other books.

I’ve cast on for the Vinnland Socks from the AntiCraft. Having a bit of trouble with the pattern. But I’m a fairly new knitter, so my pattern reading experience is on the short side. It’s the first toe-up sock pattern I’ve knit, and I had about finished the toe and had to frog it all because I misread a portion. I’ve finished the toe now and have started the pattern. It’s not difficult, though a stitch count before I started working on the pattern would have been nice. I’m not sure if what I have on my needles is the amount that should be there.

Next up on my list? Kool-Aid dying of the remaining 400 yds of Knit Picks Bare Gloss. I can’t wait to try it. Just have to choose the colors I’m going to use.


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