Wind Chimes are Lovely

We moved to this house about a year ago, having spent about a year and a half building it. So when we chose things we were ever so careful. All the metal matches (brushed nickel) The mouldings are hand made, the cabinets stained to coordinate with the flooring, the bathroom tile matches the flooring stain (don’t ever let anyone tell you wood is neutral; they don’t know what they’re talking about). We chose things we loved, even down to the absolutely cathedral sounding wind chimes hanging on the front deck. They have a beautiful and deep tone. Unless you’re trying to sleep, and the wind’s blowing like you’re Dorothy!

Oh my word! Of course, we live in a more rural area now, so in addition to its other charms, at times our back yard has more in common with the NASA Ames Research Center Wind Tunnel than an acre of grass and trees. Last night however, it was crazy loud here. The wind, then the thunder and rain, and the chimes. Great gods above, the chimes! Isn’t it amazing how the loveliest, most soothing sound in the world can become annoying when the instrument is laid horizontal by a breeze? Needless to say, I woke up a lot during the night.


The Brompton Cardi has button bands. And they’re seamed! I did follow the pattern, knitting the button bands seperately from the body, then knitting the bands and seaming them. Someone else who made the pattern knit the bands with the body. That might actually work better, although I have to admit that I think the seaming gives the front a bit of structural support that might be lacking without it.


This being my first cardigan, I did steam block the bands and sweater edges before seaming. The bands were too long. However after seaming, I just picked up the stitches that lined up with the bottom edge of the sweater and frogged the extra rows. After checking across the row, somehow I’d ended up one stitch short. So I just M1 in one of the button band seams. Oddly enough, while I was seaming I was also listening to Episode 10 of Stash and Burn, titled “Fear of Finishing”. Thanks so much to Nicole and Jenny for keeping me company!

Isn’t this yarn so pretty?


The first repeat is finished for the Vinnland Socks. I’m a bit nervous about the way the yarn is working up. The knit’s looser than I’d like, but having read that Wildfoote blooms really well, I’m just going to go with it. The color’s gorgeous, and although it’s less soft on my hands than I expected, it’s definitely better than Sockotta! I’m pretty proud of it being my first toe-up sock. And speaking of toe-up? I can’t decide if I like the technique or not. It’s odd; that’s for sure! I do love the toe shape it’s giving me, but I’ll make up my mind once I’ve finished the pair and blocked them.


For other entertainment, we’ve been watching all the old Doctor Who videos we can get our hands on. Our Netflix subscription began in January, and I can safely say it is very much worthwhile! Unfortunately we’ve had two discs arrive broken. However they’re accomodating regarding the returns, and ship out a replacement the next business day.

Lastly, should anyone other than me actually be reading this. . . We’ve just been invited to a Bat Mitzvah, and I’d love any suggestions re: gifts, experiences, etc. I’ll probably just ask my friend here, but other reminisces would be fun to hear about!


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