These are a Few of My Favorite Things

This cat right here


is trouble. Really, he is. I swear that’s his middle name. He just will not leave the daughter alone this morning! Catnip has only made it worse, and now he is bouncing off the walls and chasing the other two boys. Those of you with cats can, I’m sure, recognize the look in his eyes and the tension in his tail.


Isn’t he cute?

Because we’ve home educated our daughter for a long time, we’ve got simply a ton of books that really could use a new home. So I’ve placed them on Ravelry in the Marketplace group in the hopes that someone else can give them a loving home. (Ravelers click here). Should anyone who is not a Raveler —and why aren’t you? sho wouldn’t wish to be a Raveler?— wish to take a look at the offerings, let me know and I’ll list them in the comments, via email or perhaps in a post. There are books for just about any age and parent stuff, too.

I’ve made some real progress on the Vinnland Socks. They’re incredibly simple, not being actual cables, but rather faux. And I love them. I was a bit apprehensive about starting socks with actual sock yarn. I’ve only used worsted and DK weight before, and I keep hearing about the dreaded SSS. That shouldn’t be a problem with these, I hope. I’m almost to the heel turn on this first one!


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