And It Was Good

The Daughter takes Latin lessons with a friend on Tuesday afternoons, while I spend the time visiting with her friend’s mother. She’s a wonderful knitting friend who was, incidentally, the person who taught me the knit stitch and started me on this exciting road.

Yesterday after the Latin lessons I drove home with a huge smile on my face. See, I’ve successfully enabled my friend, and her daughter. The method: innocently mentioning a tv series while talking about good movies. The madness: Doctor Who!

I’ll admit to often being leery of talking with people about SF (science fiction for the lifers amongst us, though I agree that the newer label of speculative fiction is both broader and more accurate). Too many dismiss it out of hand as something childish or eccentric. I could long wax poetic regarding the subject, but suffice it to say that it’s disheartening that SF has such a sad and fallacious reputation. SF is some of the best humans have to offer. It’s imaginative, socially and environmentally conscious, witty, and far-reaching in topic. In my opinion, it is the most true progeny of myth and folk tale both of which, most of us understand, were told as much or more for the adult as for a child.

But I digress. The story contines: my dear friend and her daughter took themselves to their local video store and procured the first season of the new Doctor Who. They are enjoying it immensely, and dare I say it? They may be hooked.


During breakfast this morning I looked a bit at Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I really do understand why so many people recommend it highly. If there’s a more complete book on socks out there, or a comparable one with differing information to pair with this one, I’d love to know what it is!

The SKS is on loan from my local library which happily, gives loans for a month at a time, optioning one renewal. Plenty of time to check out a new knitting book. I think I’ll simply have to purchase this book though, unless I hear that another is comparable or superior in some way. I really appreciate all of the charts in the front, explaining yardages for many different sizes of socks using differing weights of yarn. What a fantastic resource!


After seeing last evening’s stunning sunset, and then the lovely blood orange in my breakfast bowl this morning, I’ve got an idea forming in my head for some fingerless mitts. I’m off to post this photo to the Project Spectrum flickr group, then it’s to the knitting with me. I’d finished the short row heel on the first Vinnland sock and just begun the patterning up the leg!


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