Keeping up my end of the bargain

I’ve not been good about blogging the last week. Well, honestly I’ve not had much to say. Beside which, there lies the fact that somehow I managed to injure my left wrist over the weekend.

No; don’t ask. Because I have no idea how. I just woke up and was in pain. I’m not sure if I slept in an odd position or what, but there’s been very little happening in the realm of knitting and writing.

However now, but for a few twinges from time to time, it seems to have healed. So the first Vinnland sock? She is almost finished! I’m not sure I understand the bind off at all though, so I suppose I’ll have to see what I can dig up.

In real life, I’m opening packages (Malabrigo and Mountain Colors, plus a number of samples of various things. Also bpal! Yay! But some of it’s going to have to go; it doesn’t love me.), paying for an AP Bio test, traipsing back and for to Irish Dance lessons twice a week, and eating out far too often.


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