The Good, the Bad and the Sad

There are a number of strays around here, and this one got brave one day. It decided that our bird feeders were a buffet!


Well, those lovely Vinnland socks were put on hold for a bit while I knitted a test pattern for a Raveler. Before I started the pattern however, I did finish the first Vinnland. I had the worst time with the bind off, and even once I’d figured it out it came out way too tight. It was tight enough that even had I loosened it further it still would have been too tight. So I just unbound it and bound off again using a stretchy bind-off I found somewhere on the net, then adapted.

P1, PyoSO
K1, PyoSO

Not hard, but it made a world of difference in the cuff. Plus it looks better, too!

The Good: Now that I’m back to knitting, I’m also back at work on the Brompton. This feels like it’s taking forever, but with hurting my wrist and stopping to work on another project, I suppose that’s normal. I’m almost done though!


The first sleeve is practically finished, just a few more rows of basket weave. Then the second, and it’ll just need a wash, block and buttons. I think I’ve figured out the button issue, but for now, I’ll let that be a surprise.


The Bad: Now that warmer weather is sneaking up on us here and the trees are starting to bud, I’m having sinus issues again. I was hoping that the trip to the allergist last fall would miraculously make everything fine, but I suppose it hasn’t. I think I’m going to have to make a phone call.

The Sad: I had a package on it’s way to me from a wonderful Raveler (whom I’ve done business with before), and it hasn’t arrived. Stupid DC says it has though, so now I’m in a pickle. What it contained? a double skein of mountain goat, plus a partial, a partial skein of bearfoot, several skeins of twizzle plus some red wool I was going to use for my flag for the 198 Countries Peace Project. Yes, I’m really wanting to cry right now. I’m just hoping a neighbor has it or something and it shows up here in a day or so.


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