Dyeing Again

If you remember, several weeks ago I dyed my first yarns! One was Knit Picks Bare Gloss (fingering weight), the other was an overdye four skeins of Farmhouse Yarns Silk Blend.


That went so swimmingly that I decided to try it again this past weekend with a partial skein of yarn I rec’d in a Ravelry Karma Swap. It began its life as a basket of easter eggs. Ok, well not really. It was Plymouth Outback Wool that just looked like easter eggs:


My intent was actually to see if overdyeing it led to a variegated color scheme something like: blue/green/purple. I used Wilton’s, and following these suggestions which were extremely clear and helpful, had enough dye in the pot that the skein actually turned out a gorgeous variegated blue/blue-green/green. This photo’s a bit lighter than the actual skein, but shows the colors fairly well:


Hooray for unplanned beauty!


2 responses to “Dyeing Again

  1. That blue is beautiful. I’ve been tempted to dye, but I’ve got a real tiny kitchen and I’m afraid of some tragic accident (like ruining yarn).

  2. Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

    Yay, now that is a wonderful encouragement! Been dyeing natural yarns for years, but never thought about overdyeing those ghastly confections which you so accurately describe as Easter Eggs. If I thought I could get a result like yours… well why don’t I just go TRY?

    And Dava, stop worrying and start dyeing! My tiny galley kitchen isn’t wide enough to turn around in but I get some pretty good results. And there are no ruined yarns, just colours you hadn’t anticipated (so you have to change your original vision, that’s no bad thing either once in a while).

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