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I suppose it has to be acknowledged that there has been very little blogging as of late. I don’t usually tend to just drop something like that, and the short story is that real life took over. Among other things, I fell down the stairs at the movie theater, spraining my ankle badly and having to, months later, have physical therapy. None of the other excuses are very interesting, to be honest.

Several projects are on the needles at the moment. The Washington Square Vest (Ravelry link) from Interweave Knits, Winter 2008 is almost finished.

washington square swatch

It’s the second vest I’ve knitted for Vest-uary. The pattern is fairly well-written and not difficult to follow at all. I have to admit though that while I’ve never really had trouble reading charts before, the ones for the edging were almost impossible for me to follow. This may have mostly been due to my own inability to think clearly with a head cold, but I should also mention that the chart for the right side lace was printed on to the left of the chart for the left side lace. A bit odd, really. I ended up working through one repeat of the pattern, then just writing down the rows. While I love charts, this pattern could have easily been written out, because it only has four rows to repeat. Still that’s a minor quibble for such a gorgeous piece and easy to follow pattern.

Another project I’m working on at the moment is the Irish Diamond Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle.

IrishDiamondShawl swatch

As a new knitter, very excited about my love for knitting, I began this pattern. Although I don’t see it as difficult now, and didn’t think it was then truth be told, I found myself frogging constantly. After a few weeks of aborted tries, I again frogged the project and destashed the yarn. This time around, I’m finding the pattern a joy to knit. It’s loads of fun and the pattern is just repetitive enough to be interesting while having a short enough repeat to be fairly uncomplicated for the beginning of the shawl. I’m even knitting it in the same yarn and colorway as the first try: KnitPicks Palette in Garnet Heather (not the same yarn as above: their WOTA in Black Cherry Heather.). Gorgeous!

EZ’s Garter Stitch Blanket is also in the works. What can I say? I’m a sheep. I fell in love with brooklyntweed’s chunky, textural, neutral version. While I’d love to knit it in a plain wool, practicality won out and it’s being knit in Grey Heather Wool-Ease. With three cats and a busy lifestyle, a lap blanket for this house has got to be washable. And then there was all this Wool-Ease on sale at Michael’s when I stopped in for something else lately. . .

ez garter blanket swatch

Two more fun things to share today, as well. The first is this project bag received in the mail this past week.

jane project bag

It’s from betsyblueberry on etsy. The fabric is so cute, just like the old Dick and Jane books!

jane project bag fabric

The second thing to share can be found here: Knit Purl Girl. She’s having a WEBS giveaway on her blog. Do check it out, and while you’re there, read a bit more. She’s got some great posts, including one called, “Advice to Local Yarn Shops” that’s definitely worth the read.


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