Snow and Ice

When my husband and I decided to move to Virginia with our then three year-old daughter, I was in denial about the fact that, while geographically Virginia may be a Mid-Atlantic state, it was in so many ways The South. As a girl who grew up in SE Pennsylvania, I couldn’t fathom that this small city in our new home state rarely received any snow. Now that we’ve lived here for over twelve years, we laugh when the meteorologist predicts snow.

Never Laugh at the Weather Man!


It’s so very gorgeous, and it gave my ever-hopeful-for-snow-this-winter girl some fun.


Actually, the most amazing thing was our rain chain. That’s the photo for today’s PS Photo Challenge for Project Spectrum ’09. Truthfully, I thought of a million things to say, but now that I’m writing, find that none of them convey quite what I feel today. So I’ll just say: today it snowed and was beautiful; my daughter wore her boots and played in the snow; she smiled and danced all day; she practiced driving; I made bar cookies. We had a good day.



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