And to the North of Here Lies

This morning the temperature was 21ºF, and the poor barometer just said ‘LO’. It’s cold enough that the snow is still on the ground here in SE Virginia! The view from the front porch, inspired both by Lolly’s photograph yesterday and the icicles still hanging about, is amazing: lovely blue sky and those shining branches. It’s one of those days when it’s easy to feel grateful to be alive.


To the north of me live most of my relatives. Growing up in SE Pennsylvania, the luxury of having grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even cousins from both sides of the family nearby, was mine. I spent most weekends at my maternal grandparents home, and being the eldest grandchild, was often able to have them all to myself. They’d treat me to shrimp (my then —and still often a— favorite meal), and I’d watch black and white reruns of things like The Lone Ranger, I Dream of Jeanie and old movies. Most of the time, I tried to be sure to have my homework finished before I visited, allowing me to spend time freely and without guilt in any way I chose. Visits to Grammy and PopPop’s were so frequent, I knew where the key, an old skeleton type, was hidden to let myself in. How I miss my grandmother on days like today!


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