Trouble In the Works

When my Washington Square Vest was finished, my knitting got stuck. I’m not sure how or why it happened, but everything I wanted to cast-on didn’t work out. The next project was to be the NMH #3 Mittens from Terri Shea’s book, Selbuvotter. The yarn of choice was KP Essential, one skein of Grass and one of Pumpkin. Ick! What was I thinking? That color combo looks like a seventies’ kitchen.

My next choice for a project? Let’s not even talk about the fact that it took at least an hour to decide what should be next. How about the Létt-Lopi Vest? It’s cute; I’d love to make another vest. Oh, crap. I don’t have enough worsted yarns to make it, at least not ones that work together.

Finally I decided to cast-on for Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. Yes; I realize everyone and their friend’s brother’s uncle’s shepherd has made these. However, I figure they’re classic. And dammit, I wanted to try colorwork!

At last, success:


The yarn is KP Palette. Yes, I really do love some KP yarns. Not all of them of course, but the WOTA and Palette are great workhorse yarns. The colors are Bark and some Iris Heather left over from my Bronte’s Mitts.

Although over the past few days there was some trouble getting my knitting-self together, my sewing-self made project bags. I love the one which I purchased from a great seller on etsy, mentioned in this post, and wanted to have a few slightly larger ones also. The project was also helped along when I remembered two pieces of fabric I’d been wanting to find a use for. With about two hours of work, start to finish, I ended up with these cuties:


Here’s a closeup of the blue bag, the fabric of which is my favorite.


Crafty Crafty has the pattern I used, however I did make a few modifications to the drawstring area. Actually, I made mine in an entirely different manner. I also added pockets to the inside, simple to do and oh! so useful.


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