Must Knit Faster

So I’m mad, and really I do mean crazy. I signed up for Sock Madness 3. Anyone reading this, please feel free to cheer me along, because I’m terrified, not of the patterns, but of the sheer rat race of it all. I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if I actually finish the socks before the deadlines, that I’ll still have some lovely pair(s) to show for it all and some patterns to knit.

However if I’m going to “knit like the wind”, as Brenda Dayne of Cast-On, says, I need to finish this lovely fichu.


I’m knitting it as a shop sample for the newly opened Knitting Knook corner in The Red Thread Studio here in Suffolk, VA. The Grand Opneing is March 28 from 2-4 p.m. If you’re in the area, do stop by and check it out!

I have not yet finished the Endpaper Mitts. However the first one is off the needles, and the second one begun. I can’t imagine I’ll have time to finish it before the Madness begins this Thursday! I’m still finding my tension with stranded knitting, but I’m not terribly unhappy with the result. I think I can live with it on my first project, and I do love the colors together!


In last month’s Vest-uary, I was lucky enough to not only finish two vests I’m stupendously happy with, but also to win a prize! The book, Folk Vests, has some amazing patterns in it, and has been on my wishlist for over a year. I’m so thrilled to add it to my growing library.

folk vests


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