Carbs + Carbs = ?

What do you get when you add a potato to a dinner roll? And I don’t mean when you use potato as an ingredient in the dough. although that is particularly good. Yes, you waving your hand about like a mad thing. . . Yup, you’re correct! You get the lovelies sitting just out of camera focus in the last post.

hongkong potato rolls

The recipe is from the blog Cooking Ventures, and it’s called Dill-icious Potato Rolls (Formerly known as Hong Kong Potato Roll Thingies). The parenthetical phrase didn’t have to be included, of course, but I thought it was really amusing, mostly because I have the same tendency to call things, well. . . thingies.

Anyway, those rolls.  A few minor changes (which, it should be noted, are in no way substantive):

  • Rather than using store-bought dough, I made my own.
  • From a one-pound loaf I made 8 rolls, rather than 6. Partly because I wanted to let them have a slight rise after filling them, and partly because, even without that second rise, I couldn’t imagine how they’d still fit in the pan if I only made six!
  • Brushed the top of the dough with an egg/water wash and sprinkled with poppy seeds just before putting in the oven.

These are pretty yummy, as-is. The flavor is good, somewhat reminiscent of a baked potato with fixin’s. We weren’t quite sure about the hash browns, and might try using country style potatoes (cubed hash browns) next time. Or maybe I’ll just pre-cook the hash browns so that they’re a bit crispy. Another option might be using stiffer mashed potatoes.

I’ll definitely be trying these again!


One response to “Carbs + Carbs = ?

  1. OH wow this looks so good! I’m going to give it a try!

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