How ‘Bout We Just All Pretend We’re French

If we all pretend we’re French, maybe the 1500 metric tonnes of butter in a rich man’s brioche won’t matter! Up until yesterday, I planned to make that version just this once: on my way through Peter Reinholdt’s book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. After all how often does one ‘do’ the BBA Challenge begun by the oh-so-smart Nicole of Pinch My Salt? One bake of that tremendously rich dough should be fine!

Then last night I went a bit crazy and made not one, but two, very rich out of character dishes for dinner. So, this morning, as I set about actually perusing those bread recipes, I just couldn’t bring myself to make the rich man’s version. Another time perhaps, when we’ve been eating lots of salads and feasting on fresh fruit. No, today I’m making the poor man’s version. And let me tell you that when mixing this up and handling the dough, all I’m thinking is that these particular poor men had it Pret-ty Good!

I’m making half a recipe, because there are only three of us in the house and I’ve decided these are going to be rolls, rather than the traditionally shaped brioche bread. So let’s start with the preferment for this bread.

Next we add the eggs.

Then some flour, salt and sugar.

Because this is only for the three of us, there is no way I need this much butter.

There, that’s better. Now there’s a nice ball of dough that needs a bit of rising.

And some shaping. Then more rising. And then into the oven they go. Six rolls. Gorgeous, gorgeous rolls.

But we are NOT falling in love with these now matter how good they taste. Ok, well maybe a little, but we’ll just pretend we can only get all the ingredients at the same time for special events. Like Thanksgiving. And the holidays. Maybe a birthday or two. And I could see my way clear to making them for a picnic, I guess.

Gorgeous, I tell ya!

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4 responses to “How ‘Bout We Just All Pretend We’re French

  1. Ohmigosh these looks so good. You could spread some pumpkin butter on these babies!

  2. You brioche rolls look wonderful. I really enjoyed making the brioche, but agree with you that the amount of butter is worthy of a guilt trip!

    • Thanks Mags! The rolls really were good, but I’ll freely admit that the casatiello was better. I think I’ll put it on our ‘to be made for holidays and special occasions’ list.

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