The Best Way to Get Your Bread and Butter (BBA – Casatiello)

So we’re (the royal ‘we’ and Peter Reinhart’s book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice) still in France. That’s pretend France, for sure, but France it is. Lots of butter, eggs, cheese. And more butter.

While I have to admit the brioche rolls were excellent, they had nothing on this bread. It’s the bomb, and by that I mean the butter bomb with flying shards of cheese and nuggets of salami. The bread, casatiello, is rich and fluffy with a crust that melts on the tongue.

The sin doesn’t begin with the dry ingredients.

But with the butter and eggs. And with choosing the cheeses. I really had make it worthwhile.

And of course there’s the salami.

Both cheese and salami had to be prepped, by which I mean snacked on.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who, when using their Cuisinart, is left with chunks of cheese on the shredding blade that have to be diced into teeny tiny pieces. This drives me batty! Still, I love my Cuisinart!

The dough is beautifully studded with meat and cheese and feels silky. It’s all that butter, of course.

The end product is nothing short of amazing! We’ve been lightly toasting it up in our toaster oven. No butter or anything else is necessary. It’s basically just a flaky pastry bread.

Many thanks to Nicole of Pinch My Salt for initiating the BBA Challenge. It’s been a blast so far!

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2 responses to “The Best Way to Get Your Bread and Butter (BBA – Casatiello)

  1. Ya know, you’re making me want to go through this challenge all over again! I really enjoyed those rich breads back at the beginning of the book. The casatiello also makes wonderful panini, if you’re into that whole meat and cheese sandwhiched between meat and cheese kind of thing…lol. Good job!

    • Thanks Mags! Yeah, we’re enjoying them, too. Although I’ll be honest and say that it’s doubtful I’ll be making these often or out of all white flour. We tend to eat a lot of whole grain breads. Still, this is fun. And Peter Reinhart is a genius.

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