After It’s All Finished, Can I Get a Do-Over?

I wonder if anyone else is needing a do-over on one or two of these BBA breads? Up until now, I haven’t had any trouble with the recipes. Heck, I didn’t really have any trouble with this one either. But the Ciabatta al Funghi I turned out didn’t quite have the texture that it should have.

I should start at the beginning though. Here’s the flour. Where else would I begin?

Oh, oops! Probably with the biga. Which I forgot to photograph until the next morning. While it was resting on the counter in pieces trying to warm up from its night in the fridge.

Once the biga was mixed with the above flour and remaining ingredients, it made a really nice, very wet dough. But you’ve seen lots of dough, and how interesting is that? What you really want to see are the funghi. The dry ones:

These mushrooms are from our local farmer’s market. Every once in a blue moon, a trip to the market brings the delightful sight of a special booth. Local mushroom farmers, who usually sell to restaurants, appear and treat us to such beauties as these golden oyster mushrooms. They actually bring several varieties, both fresh and dried, but these were our favorites, so I stocked up on a bag of the dried.

And the fresh mushrooms for the Ciabatta. Yum!

After the requisite folding and couche-ing (is that a word?), the Ciabatta al Funghi made its trip into the oven. I don’t think I let it rise quite long enough, but what emerged was still very tasty!

I do think I’ll be making this again. Partly because I need that do-over, but mostly because this bread is delicious!

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2 responses to “After It’s All Finished, Can I Get a Do-Over?

  1. I think it looks perfect Alyssa! The crumb looks great and I can imagine how it tasted with those mushrooms…YUM!

    And yes, I’ve had several do-overs. Part of the challenge, yes?

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