The Recipe for your Fall Cookie Cutters

Yesterday’s baking project was loads of fun. The recipe, scored from the blog, Cupcake Project, is called Pumpkin Graham Crackers. The name doesn’t just refer to the cute pumpkin shape; there’s a bit of pumpkin in the batter, as well. What could be better?

Just a few notes on this one. I didn’t have graham flour in the house, although how this feat was managed, I’m not sure I could tell you. Currently I have 2 types of wheat flour, white flour, whole spelt, multigrain, grain, rice and buckwheat flours. No graham flour means I went with the wheat. I also used 100% honey, buckwheat honey to be exact. I was hoping the flavor would boost the earthiness of the cookies, which it did.

The dough came together nicely. Not too wet or too dry. It rolled out really well also, and my daughter and I began cutting. We used mini cookie cutters, so we cut and cut and cut. Then we cut some more.

Although it took quite a while, we eventually cut out all the shapes. Cute little fall leaves, apples and pumpkins. These have just a hint of pumpkin, and they are so good! After baking we ate at least a quarter of the batch.

No lie! I brought my daughter about 8 of these cute things, and not 2 minutes later she looked at me quizzically. “Where’d all the cookies go?”, she wanted to know. As if I’d taken hers! I was too busy eating my own, thank you.

As you can tell the size we made is perfect for snacking. The only problem we had was absolutely our own fault. We rolled the dough a bit too thick, so they never got properly snappy. Still they’re excellent. Wonder how they’d be with a bit of icing?

Run on over the Cupcake Project for the Pumpkin Graham Crackers recipe. Make sure to look around at the cupcakes, too. I haven’t tried any yet, but they look excellent. And the reviews are good, too!

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8 responses to “The Recipe for your Fall Cookie Cutters

  1. Wow! Nice designs. And I think it’ll taste good too. 🙂

  2. These look cute and delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Good to know that it also have a pumpkin bits on its batter.

    @ Karine – You’re right!

  4. Lovely designs!! I so love cookie cutters! I have more then 120!! I so love to use them!!

    Your cookies look excellent!!

  5. Awww, your daughter sounds adorable! These look really good; I’ve never tried baking with pumpkins before, but these cookies sound great!

  6. These look great! I love using cookie cutters. Makes me feel like a kid.

  7. Yay!! I’m so glad you guys liked them. Love all of the different shapes that you made! So cute!!

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